Rockmas 2019

Greetings Everyone. !

It's now time again for ROCKMAS 2019.
You may be wondering where the devil that last 12 months has disappeared to . How the heck do I know ? I can only confirm that this year's ROCKMAS will be yet another really entertaining and pleasant evening.

We have The Climax Blues Band opening up the festivities. An extremely popular band, especially on major festivals in Europe. They will be gracing our Birmingham Stage playing their solid recognisable jazz and blues style.
We also have a new band friend as our Special Guest. Mari Wilson.
I appeared on a TV show with Mari a couple of years ago, where she sang live, and was just Great.

Mick Miller will also be chatting to you with his usual inimitably funny outlook on life.
As you can probably appreciate, Christmas is usually a busy time for Muzo Friends of the band to commit themselves to a performance, but who knows who could possibly turn up ?

I Really Hope To See You There. R. W.

Rockmas Ad 2019
Rockmas 2019

Greetings Everyone. !It's now time again for ROCKMAS 2019. You may be wondering where the...

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