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Roy Sings With The Beach Boys

Hello ! Roy here. Just to fill you in on some news.
I had the great pleasure of appearing with The Beach Boys again after the success of the concert last year at York Races. I have been staying in contact with friends of mine Jeffrey Foskett and Scott Totten, who are currently touring with The Beach Boys. They invited me to their concert at Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. Jeffrey said " Throw your Strat in the car, you're on".

Their current band includes original members Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and original guitarist David Marks. You will probably know by now, that they are my favourite band of all time.

They actually learned Fire Brigade, and to hear those great harmonies coming through on my 'in ear' monitors was a total dream come true. They also invited me to stay onstage with them at the end to sing "Fun Fun Fun" . So for me it was a terrific evening all round, and what thoroughly nice people.


P.S. Excuse the poor quality of a couple of these pics, they were off an iphone with dodgy light.

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